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Getting Started 

In this section, you will find emailezy specific information to help you get started.

  • I signed up with emailezy but didn’t get a verification email

    • Our verification email may still be in transit. Its arrival time depends on your internet speed and traffics.
    • The email may get filtered by an over-aggressive email server setting. Please check your junk mail box and unblock emailezy from your security filter.
    • If you signed up at work, your workplace firewall may block the email. Some corporations install firewalls in their email servers, which may block some 3rd party emails. Please contact your IT support to reduce the security level of your workplace email server, or alternatively try another email address.

  • What kind of systems support emailezy?

    Emailezy is web-based and compatible with most web browsers. Here is a list of browsers which you can get the best practices from:

    Compatible browsers:

    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Safari
    • Internet Explorer 9 and above
    • Google Chrome

    Browser settings:

    • Please set your desktop screen resolution to be at least 1200x800.
      If you use a small laptop, please set the display resolution to 1024x768.
    • Please enable cookies in your browser.

  • How can I change my account settings?

    After you create your account, you will receive several emails and one of those will contain your username, password and a link to the login page.

    Once you login to your account, you will see a welcome message on the dashboard. You can start updating your account information in the below area.

  • What is a Dashboard?

    Here is your all-in-one panel on which you can change your account setting, track down latest campaign and start new campaign. You can also save shortcuts to the dashboard to make your work even easier.

  • How to use emailezy pre-built templates?

    We have a full library of email templates for you to use and continually adding to. Please follow the instruction from the help section, to start working on the drag and drop email editor.

  • Can I start from scratch and code my email from the ground-up?

    Yes, you can if you have a good knowledge of email HTML and CSS. To find out more rules and tips on coding HTML emails, please visit Resource Centre.

  • How to import and manage my subscriber list?

    Create your list – setting up a list under your account is simple, please follow the steps below:

    1. Go to the LISTS page
    2. Click the CREAT LIST button
    3. Enter the detail for your list and click the SAVE button

    Import your subscriber to your list
    Option1: Type in subscriber information
    Option2: Upload from a spreadsheet
    Option3: Import from the database of your CRM (Customer Relationship Management System)

    Please follow these steps below:

    Did you know that we can help you upload and manage your subscribers? Check out our services


A simply designed email with straightforward message is always the key to a successful campaign. In this section, you will find the specifications for you to design for the email recipients on both web and mobile.

  • Why mobile friendly email matters?

    Over 79% of Australia check their emails on their mobile or tablet device last year. Getting an email that is easier to read on mobile devices can increase the chances of interacting with your viewers.

    All our email templates are good to view on mobile devices as well as desktops. Choose one of our pre-built templates to get started now!

  • Typography, color and readability

    Good usage of fonts in designs can give great first impressions. Especially when email clients block images by default, it is very important for your subscribers to quickly read and clearly get the core text messages across to them in emails.

    To make sure all your subscribers can get the same message quickly through different platforms, HTML emails only display the below web safe fonts:

    Sans Serif fonts

    • Arial
    • Arial Black
    • Tahoma
    • Trebuchet MS
    • Verdana

    Serif fonts

    • Courier
    • Courier New
    • Georgia
    • Times
    • Times New Roman

  • Images size, format and more

    • The smaller the image size, the faster the image loads. It is ideal to keep each image you upload under 150kb.
    • Preferred format: JPG, PNG and GIF
    • Images path in HTML email: if you are coding your own email, please use absolute source links.
    • Most of email clients block all images in your email by default unless you click to allow the display of the images. Please try to keep your core message in text of your email, so you can avoid the below situation:

  • Call-to-Action

    Do you know that a retail commercial without a call-to-action is normally considered incomplete and ineffective? Call to action can urge the reader of a core message to take an immediate response.

    You can use a button or a text link to display your Call-to-Action message. E.g.

    • Read More about the deal
    • Download free report
    • Buy Now
    • Order Online
    • Compare Interest Rate

    Find out more tips on writing effective Call-to-Action, go to our Resource center

  • Can I get help with my email design?

    Yes, we can help you design a customized professional email for your audience. Check out our services


In this section, you will find the advanced information on customising your email with some simple web development techniques.

  • Can I use CSS to change the email elements?

    Yes, you can use inline CSS style in your HTML documents when you are coding. We highly suggest you use CSS2 as CSS3 properties are only supported by few email clients.

  • What are the rules in an HTML email?

    • You will need to use tables mostly while coding your HTML emails
    • Control the table width within 600px, as most email program are under 600px width by default
    • Use HTML attributes instead of CSS styles, as it is more accepted by major email clients
    • Keep responsive coding in mind. Remember, over 79% of Australia read their email on mobile devices.

  • How to make sure my email is responsive?

    You will need to use Media Queries to the HTML email, please refer to the below screenshot:

    To find out more hints and tips about responsive email coding, please go to our Resource Centre.

  • How to test my email?

    Email to your own account before sending to all the subscribers. So you can adjust any minor issue and guarantee your subscribers will view the same email layout as you do.

    • We recommend you test your email in different browsers and devices;
    • We also recommend you test and send your email to different email clients, such as Hotmail, Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo.

  • How to I add social media links such as Facebook, Twitter ad LinkedIn to my emails?

    • Insert links: You can put hyperlink of your social media profile to the text, e.g. “Join our Facebook”, or “Follow us in Twitter”
    • Insert Icons: you can also replace the text link with social media icons.

  • Can I integrate emailezy with my current CRM?

    Yes, you can. Please contact our team and see what solution suits you better.

General Support 

  • My bounce report data is showing 0

    If your bounce report shows 0, and you have received a high number of emails that have bounced back into your own inbox, this is due to changing the from email address when creating your email.

    You can check this by following these steps:

    1. Go to emails on the top menu
    2. Click the edit icon next to the email in question
    3. See if the email address showing in ‘From email’ is your own email address or an emailezy address.

    If this is showing an emailezy address, please contact our support to look into this for you.

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  • File import did not work

    If you have tried to import a file using the example CSV file provided, and have a result such as:

    1 imported
    1,999 failed

    This is usually due to the heading being removed from the csv file. The headings are very important and must stay within the file before importing.

    Other things you can look for if a high number have not imported are when data is in the wrong columns, or the format of some of that data is not correct. E.g. name@ (where there is a space between the @ symbol and the domain name)

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  • Reasons for High Bounce Rates

    There can be multiple reasons why an email bounces. Below describes the most common:

    Bad Data

    Data integrity can be a common issue with data being collected along the way. If your list is new or old, it can be a good to go back to the source and look at the accuracy of the source, and how it was compiled.

    Age of the list

    If the list is old, it is very likely that there will be emails no longer used. These can be due to the email addresses being a company address and the subscriber no longer works there, that someone has shut their email down, someone no longer uses that email address and their mailbox is full,

    Under any of these circumstances, it can be good to regularly clean up your email list.

    Please note if you are using the bounce feature correctly in emailezy, after 5 bounces the subscriber will automatically change to a status of ‘unsubscribe’.

    CSV Import Issues

    It could be when your CSV or database import occurred that data was not in the correct columns, or there were problems with the format of the data. This can be checked by looking through some of the bounced emails or your subscriber list to see if the email addressed showing do not look like they are correctly formatted.

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  • Plan Limits

    Our plans are designed to be scalable to suit your needs, so you are only paying for what you need. Plans can be upgraded or downgraded at any time.

    You can change your plan – upgrade or downgrade at any time by:

    1. Visiting our plan page:
    2. Visiting your ‘Account’ page which is accessible through the icon in the top right corner of your login area.

    These pages also show each plans inclusions.

    Plan upgrade

    If your plan is being increased, it will become effectively immediately. If you are upgrading from a paid plan, part way through the month, you do not lose what you’ve already paid for, this is adjusted in the first months subscription of the new plan.

    Plan downgrade

    If your plan is being downgrade, it will become effectively as at the end of your billing cycle.

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  • How can I view my invoices?

    • Once you are logged into your account, look for 'My Invoices' on the top menu.
    • On the subsequent page will be a list of all your invoices.
    • Click 'view' to view the the invoice.


    If you wish to print the page, click 'Ctrl + P' on a PC, and 'Cmd Shift P' on a Mac.

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