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Create schmick emails that work
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Beautiful emails, easily built. Create templates from our library or just make your own from our easy to use workbench: what you see is what you get.

  • Optimised Templates Library

    Our professional templates are designed to increase your campaign conversion. They focuses on encouraging recipients to respond. What’s more, it’s mobile-friendly too!

  • Easy to Use

    Our easy drag and drop email editor will help you set up sharp emails in minutes. What you see is what you get!

    You have the option to either quickly edit our professionally designed email templates, or start from scratch and create your own.

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Send emails that get results
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We maximise the opportunity that your emails are actually read! Your email lands in the right spot, reaching customers at the right time, producing quality sales opportunities!

  • Delivered to the Inbox

    The success of an email-marketing campaign highly depends on email deliverability. Emails that land in spam folders, are less likely to be seen. We can help increase the chances that your email arrives in the customers’ inbox.

  • Scheduling

    The ideal time to send out emails vary in different industries and regions. With Emailezy, you will be able to easily schedule the best time to send and maximise your campaign engagement with one simple step.

  • Automatic Welcome or Follow Ups

    With only a few clicks, you can take a load off your mind and streamline your workflow. Simply automate your welcoming messages, series of promotional emails or educational series emails to subscribers, and you can easily send those to your customers at a preferred time.

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Review relevant information
Focus on workable improvements

Our smart analysis system does the geek job for you. Save your day from useless fancy items and nerdy figures. You only need to see what works!

  • All in One Dashboard

    You can manage your emails, track your campaigns and analyse your customers’ response all in one place.

  • Smart Data Analysis

    You don’t need to be a data analyst to get the best outcome from numerous charts and forms. We have simplified the complex data for you, to easily understand your customers’ behavior, in order to be efficient and well prepared for your next campaign.

Why use emailezy?

Because we know how busy you are. We want to make every minute of your work worth it. Remember, 98% of the digital marketing aren’t working! We are here to help you to be the successful 2% via our easy to use platform. So you can effeciently communicate with your customers and turn prospects into leads with a few simple clicks.

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