Our FAQs are here to answer any queries you might have about Emailezy. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, drop us a line, we’re here for you 24/7.

  • How does emailezy make sure emails are delivered?

    Emailezy is hosted on a specially designed mail server, which ensures all emails are sent out promptly. You will receive a mailout report confirmation in your inbox.

    A report that contains more detailed information about your email campaign will be available in your login area reporting interface.

  • How does emailezy handle bounce-back emails?

    We have full bounce-back handling; your subscribers by default are only unsubscribed after 5 bounce backs (you can alter this number depending on your preferences). There are sometimes legitimate reasons an email may not get delivered due to a recipient’s server downtime or other IT issues.

    However, when an email continuously bounces, it’s likely to be an invalid email address, and automatically unsubscribing that recipient helps both of us. Our goal is to keep as many real prospects as possible on your list.

  • Is there an opt-out link available?

    Yes, all Emailezy emails contain a mandatory link at the bottom of the document for ‘unsubscribe’. This automatically unsubscribes the recipient from your list (be it from a group, or your entire list). This ensures you are compliant with the Australian Privacy Act and Spam Act limiting complaints made against you.

  • Are my email contacts secure?

    Yes, your email list is owned and viewed by you and Emailezy staff members are able to view it for technical support). Our system is highly secure and protected by a firewall to prevent unauthorised access to your data. All our data remains within Australia and is prevented from being accessed by a foreign party.

  • What's a free account?

    A free account is free and remains free for the entirety of your subscription. It offers many of the features offered by other packages. However, limits you to a maximum of 5 send outs per month and 2000 subscribers. You can always upgrade at any time if your business needs are more than the free package offers.

  • What plans do you have to offer?

    We have a number of plans designed to meet your needs from basic all the way through to platinum. You also have the flexibility to upgrade at any time. Visit our memberships page to compare plans and select the right one for you.

  • Can I leave at any time?

    With our effective email marketing services we’re sure you’ll be happy using Emailezy. However, if you should choose to leave for any reason you are free to do so. Our plans are monthly so make sure you cancel before the next billing period if you are on a paid plan.

  • Help! I have a question.

    If you can’t find the answer here simply fill out the service request form. One of our friendly members will get back to you ASAP.

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