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4 Tips for Getting the Voice and Tone in Your Email Newsletters Just Right

In this age of social media, there has been a definite shift in art of communication, where messages are now short and fast coming in from a multiple number of available platforms. As one of these channels, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to believe that email is losing popularity as a method of ... Continue reading

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The Potential of Email Marketing: The Analytics of its Success

Studies have shown that email marketing is the second most effective channel for customer acquisition. Not engaging in direct email marketing means your business may be missing out on maximising on your market share. Any company or business can start an email campaign and expect results in the form ... Continue reading

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Email Personalisation 101

In this contemporary era, internet advertising has become an incredibly effective medium through which business owners can connect with and then convert prospective customers. While there are several different online marketing strategies that can be used for this purpose, email advertising is partic... Continue reading

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7 Tips to Make Your Email Marketing More Mobile-Friendly

Mobile marketing has become so pervasive in digital marketing that a huge chunk of digital ad dollars are now being spent on mobile ads. eMarketer predicts that 38% of total digital ad spending will be spent on mobile ads in 2015 and will pass the 50% mark by 2017. Bearing this in mind, it is import... READ MORE

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Quick Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Subject Lines

When you are sending out emails to potential customers, the first thing that anyone sees is the subject line. The subject line is crucial, because you need to convince people to open up the email and read it with just a few characters. Most people will default to not opening an email, especially if ... READ MORE

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