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Build an Email List Offline with These 6 Outstanding Techniques

Why is Building an Email List Both Relevant and Important? The answer to this question is obvious. Simply, everyone has an email address. Not only do they have an email address, but they usually check it several times a day. In addition, smart phones make it possible for them to be signed into thei... READ MORE


Email Send Time: When Is The Right Time To Send?

Perhaps you've noticed that your email campaign is not nearly as successful as you hoped it would be, or maybe no one is responding to your emails at all. Perhaps the trouble isn't with your business; instead, it may lie in the time of the day and week that you decide to send your emails out. Sendin... READ MORE


5 Tips to Make Your Event Email Campaign a Smash

In this age of technology, everyone is connected via the Internet. Gone are the days when we depended on snail mail for communication, especially when it comes to an invitation for a special event. When you are looking for an inexpensive and attractive way to capture your guests' attention, an effe... READ MORE


9 Great Ways To Collect Emails For EDM Success

Obtaining and maintaining a list of email addresses for customers and potential customers should be a top goal of any business. Such email addresses provide a direct connection to a large group of people who are inclined to buying the company's product. Sending out ads, notifications for deals, and ... Continue reading


Email Personalisation 101

In this contemporary era, internet advertising has become an incredibly effective medium through which business owners can connect with and then convert prospective customers. While there are several different online marketing strategies that can be used for this purpose, email advertising is partic... Continue reading

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