Why should you market your small business using the Email? Advertising can be quite an expensive venture, especially for small business entities. However, despite tough economic times, you can still maintain the business brand as well as its front by using email marketing.

Email marketing is an efficient advertising tool that is simple, powerful and cost effective in every sense. The Direct Marketing Association asserts that in terms of comparability, email marketing finds its place way above other tools such as the social media platforms. The following are research backed advantages that make email marketing the best advertising avenue for your business:

Cost effectiveness

Email marketing is highly cost effective. This can be credited to the fact that you only need to have internet connectivity to send the emails to the prospective clients of the business. The email signature can also be used for the marketing strategy. This involves signing off the email with a logo of the business and highlighting the major products or services that you deal in.

For a small business, being cost effective is one of the most important factors. This is because the growth of such a business will depend on how best you utilize the funds that are available. Email marketing offers a suitable solution by ensuring that you achieve the objective of marketing your business in a manner that accommodates the nature of your business.

Impressive ROI

Email marketing has been established to have a significantly higher return on investment as compared to the other marketing tools. This is because the usage of the email is only dependent on the availability of the internet connectivity. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing has been found to be 3 times better in terms of return on the investment that has been made, with social media platforms having a basic 1 ROI measure.

The above statistic can be credited to the effectiveness due to the permanency. Small businesses have been the major beneficiaries of this feature since it allows the brand of the business to be visible for a longer time. The email will only be disposed of if the email is deleted.

Better Customer Relations

The customer is arguably the most important stakeholder in every business operation. Every product that is produced, service that is offered or policy that is adopted takes into account the needs of the customer. Email marketing has an advantage over the rest in the sense that the emails can be personalized to fit the description of each customer.

This not only makes the customer feel to be part of the business, but also increases the chances of customer loyalty to the business. Further to this, better customer relations are achieved by:

  • Building one-to-one relationships due to the personalization. This can be done to both existing and new customers.
  • Keeps the business on top of the mind of the customer since you constantly and regularly send out the email communications.

Increase in Sales

The Direct Marketing Association places email marketing as the best marketing tool for small businesses that seek to boost their sales volumes. This is achieved by sending different emails to the customers. Further, a single email can be sent highlighting the different services and products that are offered by the business. The customer will therefore have a higher chance of obtaining all their needs from one provider (as opposed to outsourcing from other businesses). A link to the business can be added to the emails and this enables the shoppers to make an instant purchase online. This is especially through the feature of networking with your customers.

This can also be achieved through the following two classes of emails:

  • Promotional emails: this email is sent with the primary objective of informing the target customers and other stakeholders about the discounts that are offered by the business.
  • New arrival email: this email is sent and is meant to create awareness about the presence of a new product or service that was previously absent from the business. This can also be done for both new and existing clients.


For every small business that is keen on growing both in terms of sales and market, email marketing is the way to go. This option offers the business alternatives that cannot be offered by other marketing tools. Further to this, the technique is simple to use and its nature ensures that you can keep in touch with customers both locally and nationally at all times. Customers can also forward the emails to new customers.