Sending out regular email newsletters and messages can let your customers know what’s selling fast on the company shelves, and which products are regularly being turned over on the trading floor. In fact, mass emails during seasonal periods promoting specific sales and special prices can help bring in additional revenue and profits (examined more in this article here). However, not all of your email recipients will be appreciative of these latest updates, often leading new and existing customers to unsubscribe and opt out of future contact with your company.

Most companies may simply ignore these email unsubscribes, but Emailezy is here to tell you it is CRUCIAL for you to handle those unsubscribes! Here is our guide on how you can handle email unsubscribes in a positive manner, which leaves the door open for anyone to be a future customer again.

How Hard Did You Work to Grow Your Email List? Let's Keep It!

Email list customers can be highly valuable, but let’s face it; people get tired of seeing tons of advertisements in their inboxes. They often unsubscribe in an irritated frenzy after seeing 10 to 20 unnecessary spam emails from multiple companies.

What Do You Do When Your Customers Unsubscribe?

Passiveness is not the answer when it comes to your email list. You can’t assume that another prospect or customer will make up for the loss. Modern businesses have a habit of overlooking their lists, allowing hundreds and thousands of people to slip through the cracks. In today’s ‘dog-eat-dog’ business world, companies have to try to hold on to every one of their customers for growth and sustainability. If you run a business, you can try these following smart tactics to deal with your email unsubscribes:

1. End on A Positive Note: Leave them Smiling If You Can

You should make a diligent effort to keep your email customers, but that doesn’t mean you have to be dry or needy. Your optimised “sorry to see you go” message template should contain a bit of humour and light-heartedness. You want your customers to know that you noticed their untimely departure and that it’s okay. Customers despise pressure, and humour has the ability which eliminates pressure instantaneously. Adding humour is a great way to let your customers know you are human, showing a personal element that people can relate to. It’s up to you to create a funny exit message that has your special flavour in it. Your message could start with “We’re sorry we bored you to tears, but…” .

Here are some other ways to constantly engage your email list subscribers.

2. Give Them Access to Re-Access

You read it right. You have to give your customers access to re-access. You never want to lose a potential returning customer without providing that person with the opportunity to reconnect. You’ll want to fill your optimised departure message with some alternative ways that customers can stay abreast of your company’s happenings if they don't want emails. You must let them know that they do not have to clutter their inboxes with emails if they don’t want to. You could include links to your company’s Twitter, Facebook, Google + or LinkedIn page so they can visit you when they want to instead of when you want them to.

3. Don’t Make Them Climb a Ladder to Leave or Come Back

Nobody likes prolonging simple tasks. Your unsubscription and resubscription processes should contain as few steps as possible so that your customers will not emit steam from their ears at any time. The following are three of the most frustrating subscription/unsubscription elements that currently exist:

  • Presub and postsub surveys
  • “Confirmation” of something that the customer already confirmed
  • Multiple just-one-more-click-to-subscribe/unsubscribe clicks

You need to avoid such elements as if they are rotten eggs! You must keep in mind that every second counts. New subscribers have other options they can explore, and unsubscribers are most likely irritated. Make their transition short and sweet. Give your customers a ride on the escalator instead of making them run up and down winding steps.

Companies that make it harder for users to unsubscribe are overlooking the fact that these users will often leave with a bad memory engaging with said company. Thus, no matter how much you want to keep them, give users the flexibility to make their own choices, as they may return in the future as returning customers!

Recover the Lost. Keep the Found.

Delight is an age-old concept that is still necessary to succeed in business. Your business must delight every customer even as one of them is on the way out the door. Perfecting your unsubscribe template is part of the retention process. Your message has to be so strong that a departing customer reconsiders accepting your company’s emails. You must ensure that your mass emails are engaging and vibrant enough to keep your customers on the list the second time around, as well. Send emails that get results for you, contact Emailezy for personalised help with your email campaign today!