Studies have shown that email marketing is the second most effective channel for customer acquisition. Not engaging in direct email marketing means your business may be missing out on maximising on your market share. Any company or business can start an email campaign and expect results in the form of customer acquisition and revenue. Here are some of the ways email marketing has the potential to benefit your business.

Email Has Been Proven to Bring the Highest Return on Investment (ROI)

Email still has a higher ROI than social media. Develop a strong email marketing strategy and you can reach out to your subscribers and increase your profits. An impressive 95% of marketers are satisfied with direct email marketing according to Econsultancy’s 10th Annual Email Marketing Industry Census. This response proves email marketing is producing great results for the vast majority of marketers out there.

Marketers Are Compromising Their ROI by Not Using Direct Email Marketing

Responsive email marketing is often overlooked as a marketing tool. Econsultancy’s 10th Annual Email Marketing Industry Census reveals that 23% of customers are driven by email, yet only 15% of businesses’ marketing budget is dedicated to this. This could be due to the rise in popularity of social media. Businesses focus on connecting with potential customers through social media avenues whilst neglecting email marketing. However, email is still proven to be more effective.

Connect with Your Subscribers

People have entrusted you with their email addresses so it’s important to use this permission to its full potential. Learn the difference between cold emails and email nurturing. Use ROI email marketing to offer exclusivity to your followers through announcements, content only available through email and special deals applicable only to subscribers. Even though you are sending out mass emails your potential customers can feel like you are reaching out to them leading to a greater chance of sales.

There Are Many Different Indicators of Success in Email Marketing

Try not to get hung up on the rejection of un-subscribers. Unless you have a really high percentage of people opting out from your emails it doesn’t depict a clear picture of the success of your email marketing strategy. ROI email marketing is best measured in other ways, particularly in terms of sales it’s bringing in. Un-subscribers can put you off using email marketing; however, it can also be of benefit. If people are opting out then you are left with those who you can really connect and engage with, sealing the deal.

Time as a Factor

Companies can be deterred to develop an email marketing strategy due to the time it takes to craft an email newsletter. An effective strategy requires effort put in, in order to set out achievable goals for your business. This is opposed to working on social media, such as posting which takes a fraction of the time. Using one of our Emailezy email templates save times allowing you to easily utilise this essential marketing tool. We take the hassle out of it for you so you can focus on your subscribers.