Email marketing has the ability to be one of the most effective marketing techniques of your entire company. However, you need to know exactly what you are doing when you implement email marketing. Otherwise, you will end up annoying your potential customers away from your business, and you will have a very difficult time getting them back once this has happened. Here are some of the tips that you should employ when designing your email marketing campaign in order to have great success.

The Introduction

Think about how refer to your own email – if the introduction to a particular email does not immediately interest you, you will not read the rest of it. It does not matter whether it was a solicited or unsolicited email, but if it is from a company that you do not know, you will definitely take measures to make sure that you never receive email from that entity again. With this in mind, that your introduction needs to be absolutely flawless in order to build a customer base rather than turn everyone off.

Tiffany and Co has some of the best introductions of any jewelry manufacturer or retailer on the market. By the end of the first sentence, you know exactly why Tiffany has been able to maintain such an effective hold on its marketplace for so many years.

Using Color

We live in a visual society, and your email marketing campaign should take this into account. Use color in a professional way in order to gain attention for your email campaigns. Strong images that have a strong contrast with the rest of your email will go a long way in helping to create an effective message that people will remember long after they close the correspondence. Great-looking images will also help your potential customers to act immediately rather than wait.

Kate Spade is a retail brand that uses a great deal of color in its emails. The design is actually based around the color, giving its emails a lifting presence that none of its competitors can match.

Photos for Personalisation

The best way to attract customers to your business is to share yourself with those people. Not only should you have strong images, but those images should actually mean something to you. If you showcase your personal self to your audience, they are much more likely to engage with you. There are simply too many choices in the consumer market to make a purchase from a faceless entity anymore.

If you are on a Lauren email list, you may believe that you are actually getting personal emails rather than commercialised emails that go out to everyone.


Creating great content is the key to creating a great email. Most of the effective content that is put inside of online emails comes from real life events. The festival season is a great way to create wonderful content that everyone can get into. The energy is high, and you can showcase your products with your target audience and gain a great deal of goodwill.

Converse has a very effective strategy for the festival season – they wait to show off their newest products in front of the happiest customers that they can find. They put these pictures in their emails and convert those smiles into the sales every time.

Fun Always Wins in the End!

Everyone is always looking to be entertained as well as informed. If your emails can make an impression on this level, then you will have a much better chance of engaging your audience in a meaningful way.

Zulily has created an impressive and interesting email marketing campaign which calls out each of their social networks. They include a catchy headline with a single, funny and attention-grabbing image inside the email.