Capturing the attention of your customers starts with the subject line you put in your emails. Emails with poor subject lines go in the trash, and emails with aggressive subject lines find their way to a customer's junk mail folder. You must construct each email with a bit of wisdom that will give your customers a reason to open the email. A subpar subject line is as good as not writing the email at all, and you need your customers to open as many of your emails as possible.

#1 Be As Mysterious As Possible

The emails you write may have an air of mystery about them, and you can use reverse psychology to get customers to read your content. The examples listed below are using reverse psychology to get customers to read. These subject lines have the reverse effect, and you will start a trend that sees your customers waiting for more clever subject lines. Imagine how many more customers will stay with you just because you send emails with interesting subjects.

  1. Groupon: There are no deals in this email
  2. Manicube: "*Don't Open This Email*"
  3. DiningIn: "!"

#2 Use A Contrasting Title

The titles used as examples here contrast ideas that are completely opposite of one another. Writing in this style may seem silly to some customers, but the majority of customers will be interested to know what it is you are talking about.

  1. "Ten Trendy Dresses Even Your Grandmother Would Approve Of"
  2. Movember: Growing a Moustache Can Change the World

These titles are equally silly and compelling. Your customers will wonder silently why your grandmother would approve of the dress, or they may wonder why you have changed November to Movember. The tiniest bit of intrigue will make your customers think twice about walking from an email you have just written.

#3 Use The Names Of Celebrities And Public Figures

You cannot claim that a celebrity is endorsing your business, but you can use quotes from celebrities to highlight information in your messages. Any name will do, and you will have customers trying to associate the celebrity with your business. Their curiosity will cause them to read the email, and you may go through as many public figures as you like. Your customers may be accustomed to your silly titles, and customers will read your emails simply because you are using such outrageous titles.

You must learn how to create funny, silly and intriguing email subjects for your customers. Each email you send will fall on deaf ears if you are not planning properly, and a bland subject line will not catch the attention of the reader. Write in your own style, but choose to be as silly as possible. Comical email subject lines will leave your customers waiting for more, and each subject line may give way to a new marketing campaign that is truly unique.

Write something that you would read, and send every email at the right time. The proper combination of subject and timing will make your email marketing more effective.