Obtaining and maintaining a list of email addresses for customers and potential customers should be a top goal of any business. Such email addresses provide a direct connection to a large group of people who are inclined to buying the company's product. Sending out ads, notifications for deals, and announcements of new products to the people on that list is more likely to be effective than just posting the information online, because this list of people expressed interest in the brand by giving you their email.

Considering the importance of collecting emails, it is a good idea for business managers to learn some basic tips for doing so. In this post, we will run down nine of our favorite ways to collect email addresses. They are grouped into two sets- one focused on mailing and one focused on social media.

Using Email

1. Add a signup box to your homepage

It seems obvious, but some people neglect this step. Place a prominent, but not obnoxious signup box right on the website so it is fast and easy for people to give you their email address. Place it on many different pages and make sure it is easy to find.

2. Fill your emails with good deals

People are only going to open your emails if they are valuable. Offer exclusive deals, special sales, and other insider benefits to anyone who signs up, and then make sure to follow through consistently. It is easy for people to delete an email, so you need to make opening and reading it worth their time.

3. Use interesting visual design

If your emails are just plain text, then you are going to lose people quickly. Add images, use colors and interesting fonts, create infographics- be creative and make the emails fun to read. Don't rely only on the content to get people interested, because if the design is not good, nobody will read it.

4. Be consistent

Make sure that you keep to a good schedule with your emails. If the pace is too fast, the readers will feel inundated and could block you. If the emails are too infrequent, then people will forget about you. Set a good, moderate pace and stick to it- that will ensure your emails are not disruptive or annoying.

Using Social Media

5. Put a call-to-action button on your Facebook page

Adding a call-to-action button for an email list is the Facebook equivalent of that homepage signup box. You simply must make the process easy and available, so that customers can sign up instantly if they feel like it. It's simple, but crucial.

6. Post links to your gated offers on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great resource because it is the perfect place to find interested people, especially if you are business to business. To give the audience a taste of what they can gain from your emails, post some examples in relevant discussions on LinkedIn. Then tell them that if they want more, they can sign up for your mailing list. As long as your offers are good, this will draw in people.

7. Create videos for Youtube

Youtube is a fun place to create content because it is so freeform. Put together some entertaining, but informative videos, upload them to Youtube, and include a way to sign up for emails in each video description. This is a good way to attract attention and build up buzz for your brand.

8. Tweet about your deals

Set up a Twitter account. Periodically, when you send out an email with a deal, tweet about it at the same time and give people a way to sign up for the deal. It's a way to increase awareness of your deals and bring the email list to a new audience.

9. Create overlapping deals

Concurrently with your email campaign, you should run similar campaigns over social media where you offer flash sales and similar content to encourage people to follow your accounts. Make sure to point out that these deals can be combined with your email deals and you will have people giving you their email addresses, Facebook names, and Twitter accounts in no time.