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Why Email Marketing is good for Small businesses

Introduction Why should you market your small business using the Email? Advertising can be quite an expensive venture, especially for small business entities. However, despite tough economic times, you can still maintain the business brand as well as its front by using email marketing. Email marke... READ MORE


Getting Started with Responsive Email

We have reached a point where the majority of email opens occur on mobile devices. This means that people open their email on the go - during their commutes, breaks and sporadically throughout the day. For this reason responsive email is no longer a fancy option, it is a requirement. Not only must ... READ MORE


Catch Subscribers’ Attention! Tips for Writing a Funny Subject Line

Capturing the attention of your customers starts with the subject line you put in your emails. Emails with poor subject lines go in the trash, and emails with aggressive subject lines find their way to a customer's junk mail folder. You must construct each email with a bit of wisdom that will give y... READ MORE


4 Tips to Engage Email List Subscribers

People today certainly are not suffering from a shortage of emails in their inbox. So as an email marketer, if you plan to add another email to the list of emails they already get, you'd better make sure that what you have to say is something your subscribers want to hear about! The good news is, t... READ MORE


5 Tips to Keep Your Email List Squeaky Clean

To date, there is no one "surefire" way to keep bad email addresses off your email list. Despite your best efforts otherwise, from time to time you will still have a bad email address pop up. This alone will not cause you to be flagged for spam. But your efforts over time to maintain your list can m... READ MORE


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